About us

Village of Promise is a non profit organization founded by Bobby Bradley, founder of Computer Systems Technology, Inc. and Gloria Batts, community activist. Together they had a vision, inspired by the work of Geoffrey Canada, CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone, to eradicate generational poverty one neighborhood at a time. Their vision that every child, who gets in and remains in the pipeline of services, will be career ready.

The first target neighborhood is bounded by Sparkman Avenue, Holmes Avenue, Pulaski Pike and Oakwood Avenue which includes University Place Elementary School, Montview Elementary School, Westlawn Middle School, and Butler High School. Through the pipeline, we will provide wrap around services from cradle to college with our collaborative partners. The pipeline of services includes tutoring, mentoring and early childhood education, as well as family, social and community services.  

Village of Promise has developed a series of programs that form a pipeline of services for the children in this neighborhood.  We start with early education and follow the students through their schooling, higher education and on to a career.  We focus on the family as well as the student.  We have interacted with over 45o children, and we are currently serving 150 children in the pipeline. 

Our Leadership

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