A 6 week summer program for pre-kindergarten, elementary, and middle school children that provides educational, recreational and cultural enrichment; developed by the Children's Defense Fund. Freedom School provides  summer and after school enrichment that supports children and families around 5 essential components: high quality academic enrichment, parent and family involvement, civic participation, social action, intergenerational leadership development and health maintenance (both mental and physical).  Children are more motivated to read and have a much more positive outlook on learning. Their families are connected to the resources of the community. This program is in partnership with community based organizations, faith institutions, city schools, colleges and universities.
Participants: Over 100 students participated over 3 years.
Measures: 75% of students maintained or improved summer reading literacy, many by as much as 12 months of reading skill (Data from Children's Defense Fund site report).
Huntsville City Schools, i3Cares, 100X Church, Trinity United Methodist Church


college-success-program-logoFAMILY CONNECTIONS  est. 2015

Family Connections: A program for parents to continue learning about child development, community action and involvement with the whole family.  These families will socialize and learn together as we discuss topics relating to school readiness for children, technology,  training, family support and mentoring for parents.
Participants: 25 adults and 73 children in the current program.
Measures: On track to graduate 75 families over 3 years. Performance monitored by a national organization.
  Greengage School, United Cerebral Palsy, United Way of Madison County
Contact: Kenya Epps,



Kindergartner tutoring: A curriculum that has been designed specifically  to provide one on one tutoring for teacher-referred students with reading deficiencies. The highly trained tutors use a variety of learning and encouragement strategies to help our students improve their reading and math skills to grade level and above.
Participants: 50 students tutored over the past 3 years.
Measures: 91% of students in the 2015 class improved early literacy skills (Data from Huntsville City Schools report cards).



Violin Program

In partnership with the Huntsville Symphony (at Sonnie Herford Elementary School)


Before School Bible Class: Offered to children 1st through 6th grades during the school year at Montview Elementary. This optional program is offered from 7:15 a.m.-7:45 a.m. K Bible class is on Fridays and classes in grades 1-6 are offered Monday-Thursday. There is an emphasis on team play, character and behavior training using the Bible. These classes provide an environment for the creation of meaningful relationships within the home,  the school and the community. The children in this program have the opportunity to be in the Village of Promise pipeline.
Participants: Over 150 children have participated over 4 years.
Measures: School teacher feedback indicates many improvements in behavior, outlook and school readiness (Huntsville City School Teachers).
Volunteer Based:
The Bible program is taught by talented and devoted volunteer teachers who strive to instill character and spiritual development by sharing stories and songs from the Bible.
Contact: Linda Riley,