infant_uINFANT UNIVERSITY est. 2014

Infant University: Four courses of a nine week program that provides tools to expectant and new parents on the child health, cognitive development, nutrition, positive discipline and school readiness. Infant University is designed for parents and children.  These families are invested in raising happy, healthy children and will be ready to learn and succeed when they enter school.  This program is centered on the TouchPoints curriculum developed by noted pediatrician and author Dr. T. Berry Brazelton.
Participants: 37 families and 108 children have completed the program.
Measures: 72% graduated to date, 96% continued on to other VoP programs.
Calhoun Community College, Huntsville City Schools, Huntsville Hospital, National Children’s Advocacy Center, United Way of Madison County
Contact: Valerie Hampton,



college-success-program-logoFAMILY CONNECTIONS  est. 2015

Family Connections: A program for parents to continue learning about child development, community action and involvement with the whole family.  These families will socialize and learn together as we discuss topics relating to school readiness for children, technology,  training, family support and mentoring for parents.
Participants: 25 adults and 73 children in the current program.
Measures: On track to graduate 75 families over 3 years. Performance monitored by a national organization.
  Greengage School, United Cerebral Palsy, United Way of Madison County
Contact: Kenya Epps,