Ms. Rebecca Masters- A Teachers Are Terrific! Interview

Ms. Rebecca Masters hails from Ellisville, Mississippi. She is a first year teacher and moved to Huntsville last summer. Ms. Masters graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi and is a Teach For America teacher. She teaches kindergarten and has a huge, wide, warm smile.

Her interest in Teach For America and University Place Elementary came from volunteering at low income schools in college. She really fell in love with the kids there and wanted to teach after graduation.

I asked her about some of the challenges she faces and she felt that the children who knew very little English were her greatest challenges, but her greatest blessings. Ms. Masters stated that she has received a lot of support from the faculty and staff ay University Place on how to handle English learners. She paired each one with a fluent English speaking child and has been thrilled at the progress made by the children to learn English. One of her best students is an English learner now! Oftentimes the parents of these children cannot speak English so Ms. Masters will try to communicate through the older brothers and sisters when she needs to send a message home. It is obvious to the writer she cares deeply about the children and that they enjoy learning.

Of course, as with so many in America living in poverty, Ms. Masters sees many children lack school supplies, have unclean uniforms, and are hungry. She cites the brown bags on Friday as a great help to hungry children and their families.

She has said that the kindergarten team has been great to her and she has even joined a kickball team with some of the other teachers. Ms. Masters has also already found a local church and is enjoying Huntsville.

Rebecca said that she loves the Village of Promise tutors and they are “special friends” to her students, and the children are always excited for the tutors to come to their classroom .

Ms. Masters feels that the best part of her job is how funny and smart the children are. Even when there are discipline problems, she states she gets lots of support and advice from the other teachers and staff and has learned so much.

She said it is a hard job with lots of responsibility but she loves it. Ms. Masters does not know what she will do after her 2 year Teach For America contract is up, but she would really like to continue to work with low income children.

We hope she does because Teachers Are Terrific! and so is she!

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