Why is a Pipeline of Services so important to children and family success?


Written by Bobby Bradley

At Village of Promise we have a mission to eradicate ‘generational poverty’ in a specific neighborhood.  Generational poverty happens over several generations. It occurs when there is a lack of role models and a lack of a ‘life-vision’, along with all the other compromises that come with poverty.   Experience shows that the cycle of generational poverty can be broken.   We’ve designed our Pipeline of Services after the Harlem Children’s Zone best practices model that provides cradle to career support services for children and their families including academics, health, social and community.


At Village of Promise we begin with Infant University, a program designed for new and expecting parents to form a support group and learn together about nutrition, child development, positive discipline and early reading.  Then comes Family Connections, a program that uses proven techniques for parents and preschool children developed by the National Center for Families Learning.  The outcome is to be an active school and neighborhood family with preschoolers that are Kindergarten Ready.

The Pipeline then continues in partnership with schools and teachers to offer tutoring and enrichment opportunities and to help these young scholars discover their dream – a sense of the future and how they fit in.  There is a major concentration on literacy, both for academic skill and to engage in personal exploration.  We use the Children’s Defense Fund’s Freedom School™ to deliver a program that encourages a love of reading and prevents any reading loss over the summer.

This year we are extending our Pipeline to include a Middle School program called “Discovering My Path in Life”. More information will be available soon on our website. The College Success Program pairs students with mentors; it is aimed to help them decide on a college path, get accepted, graduate and begin a career that will help them live an independent life.

So it is all about the Pipeline – its how we measure our effectiveness and how we stay engaged with our neighborhood scholars and their families