Infant University, The Beginning of Our Pipeline

Wouldn’t it be nice if babies came with instruction manuals and a GPS for human development? Not just for figuring out feeding, diapering and sleep schedules, but to show us how to navigate the parenting road from infancy to adulthood — to warn us of roadblocks ahead, and to help us keep moving forward as smoothly as possible when faced with a detour.

Not surprisingly, the early part of the journey — early childhood — is a critical period for human development. What happens in the early years provides the foundation for what comes later. Doing what we can to ensure a healthy and happy childhood for our children paves the way for them to become happy, healthy, productive adults.

Infant University, or IU for short, represents the very beginning of Village of Promise’s pipeline of services. Because parents are a child’s first teacher, IU provides parents with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to support their children’s development so that their foundation is good and strong by the time they enter kindergarten. IU addresses topics such as brain development, child development, positive discipline, nutrition, how to handle medical emergencies, how to cope with stress, and the importance of establishing a close, loving parent-child bond.

Another benefit of IU is building relationships – not only between Village of Promise and the families, but also between the families themselves. Parenting is such a complex journey, full of joys and challenges; the journey is much more enjoyable when there is a community with whom we can share the ride.